About Me


Hello. My name is Bruce C. Miller (bm3719, bcmiller). I spent most of my career as a defense contractor for various DoD research and software engineering projects in the DC Metro area. I now reside in the great state of West Virginia, and occasionally do the same remotely.

My main interests are programming language theory, dynamic and statically typed functional programming languages, and provable correctness. I'm also interested in the intersection between these CS topics and certain subfields of abstract mathematics, such as category theory, type theory, and algebraic structures.

While not actively looking job, I'm still open to entertaining all options. Entrepreneurs, potential employers, bored websurfers, and recruiter bots may feel free to gaze upon my lightly-redacted résumé (last updated 2020-06-17).

Additional Content

Here's some of the additional content available on this site:

And some personally-relevant content hosted elsewhere that I actively use:

  • My GitHub profile: Mostly hosts various small projects, dotfiles, and notes.
  • l1j-en: My (and others') most popular open source project: An English language private server emulator for the Korean MMORPG Lineage, written in Java.
  • My BitBucket profile: All repos here are private, for now.
  • My Amazon Wish List: A shortest path solution for transferring wealth from you to both myself and Jeff Bezos.

About This Site

This server is an Arch VPS running nginx, hosted on Vultr.

This is a static-HTML site generated from documents written in Org, and published via Org Mode's org-publish features. It's styled with a CSS file and a few JavaScript functions. These are all tied together with some thin Emacs Lisp.

For the uninitiated, the project links above are exports of a publicly-publishable subset of my Org-based task tracking. These plan and record my self-directed activities, organized by year and task category. I started formalizing task tracking around 2005 and switched to Org in 2009. There's an entire philosophy, if you will, around GTD and Org in particular. I'm thoroughly committed to it, attributing my productivity throughput and ability to coordinate tasks into large-scale efforts largely to Org.

I had (and sorta still have) some notions of making the main page of this site the web front end for my personal company. It remains as an unfulfilled ambition and a future option I'm leaving open. In the meantime, I may convert it to just a listing of server content, mainly personal pages and future web applications.