Bruce C. Miller
Hello. My name is Bruce C. Miller. I currently reside in the great state of West Virginia. I spent a good portion of my career as a defense contractor, most recently at DARPA and later at the Pentagon. I am now gloriously unemployed in a state of semi-retirement.

My main interests are: computer science (dynamic and statically typed functional programming languages, type theory, provable correctness) and mathematics (lambda calculus, category theory, abstract algebra, formal logic).

My dislikes include: spectator sports, chronically poor grammar/spelling, pragmatism (including the #pragma compiler directive), bright colors, excessive consumerism, background music in restaurants, animated gifs, theme parks, engine noise, literary deconstructionism, non-deterministic epistemology, spaces or capital letters in filenames, closed source software, superfluous keyboard buttons, monolithic kernel architecture, compositing window managers, non-quantitative "soft" sciences, social networking, trade unions, animal products, ambient temperatures above 78°F, heavyweight widget toolkits (especially GTK+ and Qt), widescreen monitors, Flash and other embedded media, other humans' stereos, XML, logographic graphemes, otherkin/therians, bloatware, recently-exhaled atmosphere, income tax, grammatical gender of inanimate nouns, n00bs, HOAs, recreational vehicles, passively-consumed media, parasitic microorganisms, billboards, Veblen goods, social services, organic produce, smart phones, tablets, casual gaming, insurance, elevators, webcams, fan noise, dancing, mucus, public restrooms, handicapped parking, FreeBSD's code of conduct, carpeting, gynoids, hotel mattresses, microtransactions and item malls, prominent branding, pets, heavy breathing, the fashion industry, fluorescent lighting, colorful packaging, scented hygiene products, lawn care, decorations, emoticons, aluminum siding, body odor, and poor posture among many, many other things.

While not actively looking job, I'm still open to entertaining all options available. Entrepreneurs, potential employers, bored websurfers, and recruiter bots may feel free to gaze upon my résumé (last updated 2018-11-09).