The Macroexpand team represents a diverse set of subject matter expertise and collects several decades of experience in both industry and academia.

[photo] Bruce C. Miller (bm3719) is founder of Macroexpand, Inc., with experience applying data mining, programming language theory, and functional programming at various research organizations in the federal government. [photo] Sisface T. Garcia (sisface) specializes in operations analysis of multi-disciplinary teams in complex, capacity-building environments. Angelica is also an accredited historian with numerous scholarly publications and has recently completed an MS in CompSci from GMU.

[photo] Colby Hossler (colbyh), serial entrepeneur and founder of ITS, Inc., specializes in business development and IT contracting. Manager of domestic sales for one of the largest networking firms in the US.

Current Openings

Macroexpand normally sub-contracts for expertise not covered by our existing team, but if you happen to have a rare intersection of talent in our focus areas and a strong desire to get in on the ground floor of an exciting, fast-paced, high-technology startup, arrangements can be made to accommodate additional personnel.

Note that at the current time, full-time team members are not receiving regular, employee-style stipends. For all non-volunteer work, completed contract emolument is divided proportionally by participation. Furthermore, the majority of our efforts are centered around research and exploratory prototyping. Macroexpand is a (pre-)early-stage startup, not a corporate employer.