Macroexpand, Inc. is a research/concept-stage software development company headquartered in the great state of West Virginia. Our current focus is on data analytics and modeling in functional programming languages. Given existing functional programming ecosystems, a focus on the practical applications of the higher-order abstractions possible within them is a secondary priority.

The name Macroexpand comes from the function of the same name in ANSI Common Lisp. This function is also implemented in other Lisp variants, including our primary language of choice, Clojure.


Data analytics

If your corporation has a data analysis problem, Macroexpand knows how to extract meaning from it (assuming there is any). Contact us to negotiate a freelance contract.

Full-spectrum theory-crafting

If your domain can be formalized and reasoned about, we can model it. We have in-house specialization in the novel application of language theory, type theory (particularly dependent types), provably correct software, and automated theorem proving.


If you'd like a shell account for low-throughput development or website hosting, send an email via the contact info below. No promises are made regarding quality of service, however.


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