Macroexpand, Inc. is a research/concept-stage software development company headquartered in the great state of West Virginia. Our current focus is on data analytics in functional programming languages and other applications thereof.

The name Macroexpand comes from the function of the same name in ANSI Common Lisp. This function is also implemented in other Lisp variants, including our primary language of choice, Clojure.


Data analytics: If your corporation has a data analysis problem, Macroexpand knows how to extract meaning from it (assuming there is any). Contact us to negotiate a freelance contract.

Full-spectrum theorycrafting: If your domain can be formalized and reasoned about, we can model it. We have in-house specialization in the novel application of language theory, type theory (particularly dependent types), provably correct software, and automated theorem proving.

Hosting: If you'd like a shell account for low-throughput development or website hosting, send an email via the contact link on the right column. No promises are made regarding quality of service, however.

Recent News

HTTPS/SSL support now activated. Normies and Google's indexer will now find this site more trustworthy.

In the process of updating all infrastructure. Parts for the main workstation are incoming and include: Intel NUC8i3BEK, 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD, and 32GB DDR4 PC2400 RAM. While this is still the lowest end NUC available, benchmarks suggest this is a 5x CPU, 10x disk, and 2x RAM performance improvement, so my intention is to deprecate dual use of the gaming rig as a VM host. This new box will run FreeBSD 12.0 on full-disk ZFS. VMs will run locally in bhyve, which will allow me to only have one computer on 24/7. However, VMs shouldn't be as necessary as I intend to run anything messy or having security considerations on docker-freebsd. Once all this IT grunt-work is complete, I'll redo the laptop and finally this VPS.

Site converted from XHTML 1.0 to HTML5. I also replaced the 1999 calendar I had on the office wall.

lighttpd has been replaced by nginx. nginx has a 3rd party Clojure module, which is something that might be used here some day.

2014-05-05 killed its free service and definitely isn't worth having another bill to continue. As a result, will no longer redirect here. Be sure your bookmarks all point to the domain.

Upgrade complete. This server now runs FreeBSD 10.0/amd64.

System update has been scheduled for 2014-03-24. Inactive user accounts won't be propagated to the new server. This site and the other server services (database and local git repos) will be offline for a couple of days while everything is rebuilt from scratch.

A new logo has been designed that better represents the philosophy of Macroexpand as well as matching the color theme of this site. It's composed of a lambda character (representing lambda expressions) enclosed in parens (representing s-expressions). Here is the official SVG version of it.

This site is now a VCS-managed project on GitHub here.

Site design reworked with new navigation features.

Notice to users: will be down for a few days following the FreeBSD 10.0 release while we build and test a new custom kernel. A reinstall is necessary to take advantage of additional capacity. Details to follow once the final release date is posted. Old accounts that haven't been used in years will be deleted at this time.

New site design implemented.

2013-09-05 domain transferred.