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Are you a disgusting blob who eats disgusting things? I too ate unhealthy slop, until one day when I decided to stop being an adult baby who can't feed himself. Besides being a mature grown-up, I am also not fat, which means I am a virtuous and successful human being. I attribute my success in maintaining a pleasing skeletal figure, in part, to learning how to cook.

Being able to prepare your own food is a necessary skill if you care at all about self-sufficiency. Also, cooks in restaurants don't wash their hands. Do you like eating roaches? I don't. Make your own food.

Most of the savory meals in this cookbook are the result of The ProFit eating something and saying to himself, "I think I could do better." Breads and desserts are my speciality, if by specialty one means that my cooking experiments generally end in tragedy for all involved parties.


"Vegan and vegetarian recipes that won't make you a disgusting blob."

Angelist Rule #23: Don't eat.

Objectives of the Angelist Cookbook

    1. Frugality
    2. 100% Vegan/Vegetarian
    3. 0% Anti-Science Food Woo
    4. Minimalism
    5. Efficiency

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The Angelist Cookbook, First Edition

Alternatively, n00bs can view the blogified version here.


Some recipes stolen shamelessly off the Internet/other sources and modified by me. Try them if you want but I'm not responsible if you or anyone else dies. I am neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any of the brands mentioned in this work.

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